Appeal Court Upholds 10-Year Prison Term, Revokes Bahraini Citizenship of ISIS Militant Plotting to Target Interior Ministry Officers

2017-12-13 - 8:34 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Court of Appeal (December 13, 2017) upheld on Wednesday a 10-year prison term for a member of the ISIS group, also revoking his nationality.

Attorney General Ahmed Al-Hammadi, head of the Terrorist Crimes Prosecution Office, said that the High Court of First Instance had issued its verdict on 13/12/2017 accepting the appeal of a defendant in form and rejecting it in substance, upholding the appealed ruling over charges of joining a terrorist group, having possession of a firearm without a license for terrorist purposes, and disseminating false news. The first high criminal court issued its ruling on 15/06/2017 sentencing the accused to ten years imprisonment, also stripping him of his citizenship.

The details of the incident indicate that a report was received by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) regarding information that one of the members of the Takfiri Terrorist ISIS group, who is one of the most extreme and dangerous elements, who deplores the Bahraini government and the security services. Due to intensive investigations, it was revealed that he was in fact an ISIS militant and is considered a link between the members affiliated to the terrorist organization in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the militants fighting outside the country. Investigations also showed that he provided them with any information he is assigned to attain in favor of the organization, as he provided them with the names and data of Interior Ministry officers for the purpose of launching terrorist attacks against them. He was thus taken into custody and referred to the Public Prosecution.


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