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MP: Government Working on Bill to Raise Retirement Age to 65, Annuls «Early Retirement»

2017-12-10 - 2:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: Jamal Buhasan, a member of the Bahraini House of Representatives, said that the government is working on a new draft law for retirement, which includes the abolition of early retirement and raising the retirement age to 65 years.

The local Al-Ayyam newspaper said that early retirement under the new law "will be allowed in only one case, i.e. by proving the inability to work with a certified medical report from the Ministry of Health".

According to Bouhasan, the law is still in the hands of the Ifta and legislation committee, and after completion will be referred to the Ministerial Committee and then to the Cabinet, which will decide whether the bill will be referred to the Parliament.

The President of the Supreme Council of Health called in a press release for raising the retirement age and making "comprehensive and radical changes" in the current pension law.


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