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Government Authority CEO: More than 50% of Electronic Attacks Come from Iran

2017-12-09 - 9:46 p

Bahrain Mirror: The CEO of Bahrain's eGovernment Authority, Mohammed Al Qaed, said that over 50% of the cyber-attacks and malicious messages against the Kingdom of Bahrain comes from Iran.

In press statements on the sideline of Manama Dialogue, he said that the eGovernment authority monitored in the first quarter of 2017 about 23 million malicious messages and 23 thousand hacking attempts, indicating that these attempts increase year after another.

He added that there are special times that the cyber-attacks increase. They increase in important events in the Kingdom like Formula One, noting that the authority protects the government systems in it and works on referring everything it monitors of criminal attacks or attempts to hack the systems to the General Director of Anti-Corruption, the competent party on the national level to protect from cyber-attacks.

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