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Bahraini Businessman Says Corruption Cost in Gov’t Agencies Reached $50 Billion

2017-12-05 - 12:21 am

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini businessman estimated the cost of corruption in government agencies at $50 billion, following a report issued by the Financial and Administrative Control Bureau, which annually reveals violations in government and quasi-governmental institutions.

"In Bahrain, everyone has been following the reports of the Financial Control Bureau for years, and of course there are some violations that the report could not explicitly record," said businessman Khalid Janahi.

He estimated the sum to be returned to the state treasury in the event of action taken at about 50 billion US dollars.

The report annually reveals the violations committed by government agencies, but the cabinet, headed by Khalifa bin Salman who is also accused of corruption, has not yet held anyone involved accountable.


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