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Widespread Campaign Launched in Bahrain’s Al-Dair Leads to at Least 5 Arrests

2017-12-04 - 2:49 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini Interior Ministry forces launched a large-scale security campaign, raiding a number of houses in the village of Al-Dair in Muharraq Governorate, which resulted in the arrests of at least 5 citizens.

According to reports recording house raids and checkpoints, government forces at dawn today on Sunday (December 3, 2017) arrested the youths Saleh Ali Saleh, Mohammed Jihad, Reda Adel Al-Hamar, Hussein Mohammed Al-Sanabesi and Hussein Abdullah Khalifa, following intensive raids targeting the homes of citizens in Al-Dair village.

The reasons for the security crackdown or the nature of the charges raised against the detainees; however, are yet to be revealed.

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