3&10-Year Jail Verdicts against 4 Defendants Accused of Blasting Gas Cylinder in Sitra

2017-12-01 - 10:20 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court issued 10-year jail verdict against 2 suspects accused of blasting gas cylinder in an Asian car they stole, along with other two, from Sitra village. The court also sentenced their third partner to 3 years in prison because he was under 18 when the incident took place.

The authorities claim that the 4 defendants agreed to make an explosion using a gas cylinder. Then, they decided to steal a car, put the gas cylinder inside it and blast it. They planned to steal a car owned by Asian workers living in Wadyan, where they found an old car and succeeded in opening it. They put the cylinder in the back seat, poured petroleum inside and outside the car and ran away. The cylinder blasted after a while and the car was totally burnt.

The Public Prosecution accused the first, second and third suspects of stealing, along with other unknowns, a car owned by a victim, for a terrorist aim. The court issued its sentence with mercy against the first and second suspects because they were under 18 years, and handed them 3-year jail term. Meanwhile, it sentenced the third and fourth suspects to 10 years in prison.

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