Court Upholds 10-Year-Jail Term against Defendant Accused of Burning Gas Station

2017-11-28 - 9:16 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Appeals Court upheld a verdict sentencing a defendant to 10 years in prison, in a case linked to burning a gas station on the Formula 1 road. The case comprised 3 defendants who were obliged to pay an amount of 1085 Bahraini Dinars for the caused damages.

The authorities claim that the first suspect received a phone call from the second suspect in which he asked the first suspect to accompany him. The first suspect agreed and met the second suspect. They headed to a gas station on the Formula 1 road and monitored it, aiming at setting it to fire. Thus, the second suspect called the third one and asked him to take part in the crime. On the incident day, the three suspects headed to the gas station, the first one had a camera, Molotov and lighters, while, the second one carried masks and knife. When they approached the gas station, they wore the masks and the first suspect put the camera in a nearby place to record the indecent and circulate it on the Internet. The second suspect went to the office where the Asian workers were, held his knife and threatened them to leave the office. The first and third suspects used the petroleum pumps and poured fuel on the ground. The first suspect hurled Molotov against a petroleum pump then hurled another Molotov against the other pump, which caused the fire that left 1085 worth of damages. The suspects then ran away.

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