Appeals Court Upholds 2-Year Jail Verdict against Suspect Accused of Escaping Dry Dock Prison

2017-11-27 - 10:11 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Appeals Court upheld 2-year jail term against an appellant who fled from Dry Dock Prison.

First-instance court had sentenced the appellant and another defendant to two years in prison. Meanwhile, it issued 7-year jail term against a third one.

In May 2014, a guard in Dry Dock Prison heard a detainee calling him and asking him to go to the restroom because he suffers from diabetes. The guard opened the door for the detainee who dragged the guard inside his prison cell and tied him and took the key from him, with the help of another inmate.

The two suspects opened the cells for the other detainees, however, only one detainee responded to their calls. He used a cutter he hid in his pocket and could cut the iron fence, jump over the prison wall and escape. A car was waiting for them near a cement factory. A person left it parked there with the key inside it, thus, the first suspect drove it and ran away along with the second and third suspects.

A boat was prepared for the escape of the first suspect to Iran from Sanad port. The suspects turned themselves in to the Iranian Coast Guard at the Iranian borders and told them that they are from Bahrain and are against the authorities.  The suspects were communicating with the Coast Guard with few words including "Bahrain coup". The first suspect remained in one of the centers in "Bandar Abbas" area until a member of the revolutionary guard came and took him out of prison. The suspect then toured in Iran, then headed to Iraq and Lebanon and decided to go to Thailand. When he tried to enter Bangkok, the authorities apprehended him based on an Interpol notice issued against him and returned him to Bahrain.

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