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Al-Salman Calls on European Parliament at Hearing to Demand Putting End to Discrimination against Shiites

2017-11-23 - 10:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: A European Parliament committee held a hearing on religious persecution on Wednesday (November 22, 2017) during which the persecution of Shia citizens in Bahrain was discussed. Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief attended the hearing.

The participants listened to a detailed demonstration presented by Sheikh Maitham Al-Salman, in which he highlighted the forms of discrimination that Shiites in Bahrain are subjected to.

Al-Salman confirmed that Shiites occupy only 14% of high-ranking government posts, which are assigned by either royal decrees or prime minister orders.

He further pointed out that the Shia represent "only 12% in the judicial system, noting  that "28 out of the 233, who were appointed to these positions are Shiites, while Shiites represent more than 65% of the number of registered and authorized lawyers, which indicates the practice of discrimination in the judiciary."

Al-Salman recommended urging the government of Bahrain "to refrain from fueling inter-religious tensions" and calling for "an inclusive dialogue that would lead to achieving democracy and respect for human rights."

He also called for "condemning and taking appropriate action against all forms of intolerance and discrimination against persons because of their religion or belief."

Al-Salman further demanded "guaranteeing the protection of religious sites and places of worship for Shiites and continue the reconstruction of 38 Shiite mosques, demolished by government forces in 2011, and holding the perpetrators accountable before the law."

He also urged "calling on Bahrain to release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience and lift the house arrest imposed on Ayatollah Qassim."

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