Appeals: 2&3-Year Jail Term Handed down to 9 Suspects Accused of Assembling in Al-Nuaim

2017-11-23 - 9:55 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Sixth High Criminal Appeals Court rejected the appeals of 9 appellants out of 11 accused of burning tires and assembling in Al-Nuaim and upheld 2 and 3-year jail term sentences against them.

First-instance court explained that the suspects, along with other unknowns, agreed upon each other to burn tires and attack policemen. Thus, they brought a number of tires and Molotov and met at 7:00 PM, on August 24, 2016, near one of the mosques in Al-Nuaim village. The suspects were 15 at that time.

The court said that the group headed to the public street and separated into two groups, the first group put the tires, poured petrol on them and burnt them, causing the stop of traffic.

When a police patrol arrived to the scene and tried to disperse them, the second group hurled Molotov against the policemen, with the help of the first group, leaving damages in the patrol. The suspects then fled.

The authorities say that they reached the suspects through "investigations".

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