Appeal Court: 2-Year Jail Term Handed down to Defendant Accused of Attempting to Bomb Gas Cylinder in Diraz Park

2017-11-22 - 9:10 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Appeals Court commuted the sentence of an appellant out of 3 appellants, whose ages ranges between 16 and 17, convicted to 3 years in prison, to one year in prison, over the charges of attempting to blast gas cylinder in Diraz Park.

The Public Prosecution accused the suspects of attempting to blast a gas cylinder in Diraz Park on 19/12/2016, however, they failed to achieve their aim because the policemen dealt with the fire and took off the gas cylinder. The prosecution also accused them of deliberately setting fire to the movables, mentioned in papers, that would put people's money and lives to danger and for a terrorist aim as well as acquiring Molotov, aiming at using them to endanger people's lives and money.

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