VIDEO: US State Dept. Closely Following Case of Alwadaie’s Family, Concerned about Confessions under Duress

2017-11-21 - 11:43 p

Bahrain Mirror: The United States Department of State said that they are closely following the case of Bahraini activist Sayed Ahmad Alwadaie's family, reiterating their concern over information that the family's confessions were obtained under duress.

"So that's a situation that we're monitoring. We're concerned by those allegations. We have heard that their confessions were obtained under duress. That would certainly be a major concern of ours. We're following the cases closely," said Spokesperson Heather Nauert in a Department press briefing answering questions about Alwadaie's family, noting that US embassy representatives haven't been attending the trials for reasons unknown to her.

"can tell you that we were not at the - we were not at the trials in Bahrain. We try to be at sort of high-profile trials, as we have been in other countries. I don't know why we weren't able to join that one. But I can tell you we continue - we always continue to raise issues of human rights concerns with the government," she highlighted.

"We're concerned about the detainment of these people. We're concerned about allegations that they would potentially, if this were to be the case, be sentenced because of the actions of a family member, because a family member criticized the government. If would concern us if those family members of his were detained," Nauert further stated.


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