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Iranian FA Ministry: Saudi Arabia Should Stop its War on Yemen, Military Intervention in Bahrain

2017-11-20 - 10:37 p

Bahrain Mirror: Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi demanded Saudi Arabia to stop its war on Yemen and its military intervention in Bahrain and halt its pressing policies in Lebanon and Qatar.

In a press conference held in the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affair building on Monday (November 20, 2017), Ghaesmi responded to the Arab League statement saying that Saudi Arabia works on increasing disputes in the region through implementing Israeli policies and distracting peoples and Islamic States from case of Palestine occupation. Saudi Arabia has managed, through massive political and propaganda pressures, to issue a false statement under the name of foreign Arab ministers.

He added that Iran calls on "politicians in Saudi Arabia to stop their brutal attack on Arabs in Yemen and stop crimes against women and children, in case they wanted to achieve results for these data."

The spokesman concluded his statement saying that Iran "demands Saudi Arabia to stop its pressing policies on its Arab brothers in Lebanon and Qatar, stop the military intervention in Bahrain and allow the people of this country to hold dialogue among each other in order to reach a peaceful solution for the current crisis."

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