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Jersey’s PM Visit to Bahrain Draws Criticism in Bahrain’s Parliament, MP Dubs Bahrain’s Finance Minister Dictator

2017-11-18 - 9:43 p

Bahrain Mirror: A visit by Jersey's Prime Minister Ian Gorst to Bahrain drew criticism in Bahrain's Parliament amid criticism from MPs.

A news website in Jersey said that the meeting between Jersey's Prime Minister and Bahraini Finance Minister in Manama drew criticism from one of the MPs, who described Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa as a ‘random dictator'.

As previously reported, a freedom of information request, not lodged by the Deputy, which asked whether Bahrain's human rights records were discussed during the meeting was rejected.

Discussions between Jersey ministers and politicians from around the world are entitled to a level of secrecy, the External Relations Minister has said in the wake of a meeting between the Chief Minister and Bahrain's Finance Minister.

The minister said: ‘The government is extremely concerned about human rights and supports every effort to ensure human rights norms are observed in different countries, and particularly those who we have trading relationships with."

He added: "I am not sure if the Deputy was asking if the Chief Minister raised these matters during his recent visit to Bahrain but I should be very surprised if wide-ranging discussions did not take place. But it is not possible to be specific about these things."

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