Appeals: 5-Year Jail Term to Defendant Accused of Assembling in Sitra

2017-11-16 - 9:03 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Appeals Court upheld a 5-year jail verdict against a suspect accused of assembling in Sitra.

A first-instance court had sentenced 10 suspects to 5 years in prison after accusing them of attacking the bodily integrity of an individual affiliated to public security, on August 16, 2014, while and for performing his job, noting that the attack did not hinder him from performing his personal works for more than 20 days. It also accused them of taking part, along with other unknowns, in an assembly of more than 5 persons, aiming at disrupting public peace and putting people's lives and money to danger as well as acquiring Molotov.

The tenth suspect challenged the verdict in the appeals. The court accepted yesterday the appeals in form, rejected it in content and upheld the verdict against the appellant.

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