Appeals Court Upholds 10-Year Jail Verdict against Defendant Accused of Burning MP’s Car

2017-11-15 - 8:33 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Criminal Court upheld a 10-year jail verdict issued against one of the convicts in a case related to burning the car of MP Mohammad Milad in May 2015.

The Public Prosecution referred 4 suspects, 2 of whom imprisoned, and charged them with arson for terrorist aim, after receiving a notice from the Terror Crime Prosecution stating that a group of people planned and agreed to burn one of the MPs cars. At the agreed time, the group headed to the MP's car in Ma'amir on 15/05/2015 and set it to fire, causing major damages to the car.

The prosecution accused the appellant and the rest of defendants of setting fire to movable money, a car owned by the victim, for a terrorist aim.

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