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Municipal Council Member Blames Jaafaria Endowment (Waqf) for Neglecting Al-Dair Cemetery

2017-11-10 - 12:54 am

Bahrain Mirror: A member of the Muharraq Municipal Council Ali Al-Nasouh held the Jaafaria Endowment Directorate (Waqf) responsible for neglecting Al-Dair cemetery, noting that it had promised to solve the problem of the cemeteries of both Al-Dair and Samaheej two years ago.
Al-Nasouh said that it is unacceptable to subject Al-Dair cemetery specifically to such neglect, especially after the collapse of the cemetery walls in many areas, making the burial ground a potential grazing land for stray animals and dump for dirt, noting that this subjects the graveyard to potential misuse as well.

"Is it reasonable for a simple and very necessary task to take all this time? We met with the official of the Jaafaria Endowment Directorate in the beginning of January 2016 and filed a request for paving the inner pathways in the two cemeteries, in addition to renovating the walls, where the head of the Endowments Jaafari to follow up these requests," he further stated, adding that the head of the directorate ordered following up these requests.


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