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Bahrain Bans Reporting about Case in which Civilians are Tried before Military Court

2017-11-02 - 9:37 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain banned on Thursday (November 2, 2017) reporting about the first of its kind case in which civilians are being tried before military courts.

Youssef Fleifel, the head of Bahrain's military justice department, said that the military court issued today a decision that "prevents reporting any information or data or news about case (Terrorism 1- 2017) that includes trial of terrorist cell that aimed at conducting processes against Bahrain Defence Force, in all written, visual, audio or electronic media means".

The decision means that the trial was transferred into a "secret" one and reporting anything about it in the local media means subjects the publisher to legal liability.

Fleifel said the decision was "in the public interest and to preserve the integrity of the evidence and guarantee the rights of witnesses to legal protection." The decision excluded the parties to be informed by the court.

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