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Collective Withdrawal of MPs from Waqf Investigation Commission Hours after Request Submission

2017-11-01 - 8:19 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Ayyam Bahraini local newspaper reported that four MPs told the paper about their intention to withdraw from the request to form a commission of inquiry into the violations of the departments of the Sunni and Jafari Endowment directorates (Waqf), only hours after signing the request.

There are reports stating that three others intend to withdraw as well, which means that the request will automatically be cancelled, since the formation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry requires at least five MPs.

The MPs justified their withdrawal from the request for the formation of the Commission of Inquiry, by claiming that "the framework of the Commission is weak," according to the newspaper.

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ŐŠ”… „ŐŠ” «Ššś«»

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