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Detainee Yasser Al-Mo'men Continues Hunger Strike Demanding Treatment

2017-10-30 - 9:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights activist Zeinab Al-Khamis said that detainee Yasser Al-Mo'men's hunger strike entered its fourth consecutive day in protest against his deprivation from treatment at Dry Dock Prison despite his poor health condition inside the prison.

Al-Khamis said in a series of tweets on her Twitter page that Al-Mo'men was suffering from chest pains as a result of torture at the notorious criminal investigation building.

Al-Khamis further stated that since his arrest and the torture he was subjected to until this day, he has neither received adequate medical care nor treatment. "So that's why he opted for the path of peaceful struggle by going on a hunger strike," she added.

Yasser Al-Mo'men suffers from fluid in the lungs and has undergone surgery to remove them and thus needs special medical care.

Al-Mo'men was arrested on March 13 and was detained for six months pending investigation until he was brought before court on October 19. The hearing was adjourned until November 16.


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