One-Year Jail Verdict Issued against 2 Detainees Accused of Attacking Policeman in Dry Dock Prison

2017-10-28 - 8:47 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's First High Criminal Court sentenced two suspects (18 and 19 years), accused of attacking policeman in the phone booths in the Reform and Rehabilitation Directorate, to one year in prison.

The court took into consideration the conditions of the second suspect and issued its sentence with mercy pursuant to the limits allowed by article 72 of the Penal Code.

The policeman said that while performing his job in the pre-trial detention in Dry Dock Prison, and according to the rules and instructions, he headed to the phone booths because the specified time for calls is over and asked the inmates to return to their rooms. He was surprised with the first suspect slapping him on his face, and the second one holding, pushing and insulting him.

The first suspect confessed the incident and said that he was waiting for his turn at 9 o'clock to make a phone call. The policeman told him that the specified time for calls is over and asked them to return to their rooms. The suspect answered the policeman saying that the specified time is not over yet and that he wants to make a phone call.

The suspect further stated the policeman pushed him so the suspect slapped him on his face. Thus, he was taken out of the room and a notice against him was submitted. Meanwhile, the second suspect said that the policeman insulted him and thus, he hit the policeman.

It is to note that the suspects are sentenced to prison terms ranging between 13 and 14 years in prison over cases of assembling, committing riots and setting fire.

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