VIDEO: CNN Meets Bahraini ISIS Member in Syria’s Al-Raqqa

2017-10-28 - 1:31 am

Bahrain Mirror: The American CNN channel aired an interview with one of ISIS members in the Syria's Al-Raqqa, who turned himself over to the Syrian Democratic Forces that took control over ISIS stronghold last week.

CNN said that the Bahraini youth is named "Omar". He was in charge of ideological training in ISIS military camps in Deir Al-Zour and Al-Raqqa. Omar said that the extremist group "did calculate that one day they will be finished." He further stated that ISIS planned for this day to send this wealth (money and other resources) overseas.  

Omar told CNN that "they did not put a lot of money into the battle they fought, the weapons they used with the weapons of the enemy, the money went elsewhere."

He concluded by saying that "ISIS will spring up somewhere else if you don't know how to fight them ideologically."


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