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Al-Faihani Says Al-Jazeera Report Based on Unprofessional Allegations about Prison Conditions

2017-10-24 - 7:05 am

Bahrain Mirror: The head of the state-run National Institute for Human Rights (NIHR), Saeed Al-Faihani, said that Al Jazeera, in its report on the conditions of Bahraini prisons, relied on a theoretical study based on unprofessional allegations.

Al-Faihani said in a statement that "Al Jazeera did not contact the National Institute for Human Rights to verify the information presented in its television report, for the sake neutrality and impartiality."

Al-Faihani called on Al Jazeera to respect the ethics of the profession.

Al Jazeera has aired a report prepared by the Bahrain Forum for Human Rights and SALAM Organization, showing statistics highlighting the deteriorating prison conditions in Bahrain and the violation of prisoners' rights.


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