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Four Judges Appointed to Supervise Administrative Work in Courts

2017-10-20 - 4:00 am

Bahrain Mirror: Vice-President of the Supreme Judicial Council and President of the Court of Cassation Abdullah bin Hassan Al-Buainain issued a decree appointing four judges to supervise administrative work in the courts.

The decree stipulates that judges Mohammed bin Ali Al Khalifa and Ibrahim Sultan Al-Zayed will be responsible for the administrative supervision of the Criminal Court of Cassation, High Criminal Appeal Court, High Criminal Court and Minor Criminal Court.

As for Judges Mohammed Hassan Al-Buainain and Mohammad Mirza Aman, they were assigned to oversee the Civil Court of Cassation, High Civil Court of Appeals, High Civil Court, Minor Civil Court, the Court for Urgent Matters, the Dispute Settlement Committee and the Court of Cassation.


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