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Bahrain Prevents “Wa’ad” from Organizing Seminar in Support of Palestinian Cause

2017-10-19 - 6:49 p

Bahrain Mirror: Security authorities affiliated to Interior Ministry prevented the National Democratic Action Society (Wa'ad) from organizing a seminar in support of Palestinian cause, criticizing the normalization of relations with Israel.

Activists said that the ministry told Wa'ad that it is banned from organizing the seminar that was supposed to be held on Wednesday (October 18, 2017) in Wa'ad Society HQ in Umm Al Hassam, under the name of "Normalization, a Zionist Strategy for Robbing Palestine".

The seminar was planned to be held in cooperation with the Bahraini Society Against Normalization. Dr. Nasser Al-Mosawi was also set to deliver a speech during the seminar.

Bahrain is leaning towards normalizing relations with Israel, showing clear signs of an Israeli-Bahraini rapprochement.

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