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Electricity Minister: Amazon Asked for Half of Solar Power Plant Production

2017-10-13 - 4:01 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs, Abdulhussain Mirza, said that international Amazon company requested half of the ministry's solar energy production. Mirza also denied what was circulated that the government will install solar panels free of charge for citizens.

The minister added that the government announced last month its intention to tender for the construction of a solar power plant with a total capacity of 100 megawatts through an open competition by the private investment sector, so that the company to own this investment opportunity will be the funder as well as manage its works and maintenance.

Mirza also confirmed that the electric power, to be produced from the plant, is clean energy that major international companies strive to obtain. Recently, Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has taken Bahrain as its hub, asked for a share of half of the total power output produced by this plant, while the remainder will be distributed through the government network.

Regarding the intention of the government to install solar panels for citizens' homes for free, Minister Abdelhussain Mirza said that this service will not be free of charge. He pointed out that solar panels will be installed for citizens after the issuance of the new regulations and laws currently being studied with legal experts of the legislative and legal advisory body, after it was proven that the price of the electricity unit, which will be generated through these networks, will be a competitor to conventional energy sources, i.e. electricity generated by gas turbines or other oil sources.


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