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Bahrain: 4 Citizens Arrested Today at Dawn

2017-10-12 - 8:38 p

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: The Bahraini authorities continued their harsh security campaign against citizens, through raiding a number of houses and arresting citizens.

According to activists, the authorities arrested on Thursday (October 12, 2017) two 18-year old youths, Ammar Hani and Sayed Ali, from Al-Malikiya, after chasing them by civilian forces affiliated to ministry of interior.

Eyewitnesses said that the 2 youths were beaten and taken to unknown place.

A'ali village witnessed intense house raids for the second consecutive day. Thursday raids led to the arrest of Mohammad Ali Hassan Kadhem Al-A'am and Khllil Ibrahim Kdhem Al-A'am, who both were taken to unknown place.

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