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Bahrain 2018: Spending on Defence & Security Exceeds that of Education, Health, Housing, Youths & Sports Sectors Together

2017-10-11 - 7:52 p

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: The General State budget data for 2018 revealed that the Bahraini Government allocated more than 28% of general revenues for defence, security and safety sector.

Bahrain allocated about 15% of its revenues for defence and 13% for security. This percentage exceeds that allocated for the sectors of education, health, housing and youths and sports together.

The Kingdom also allocated about billion BD for the ministries of defence and interior, public prosecution and courts. Meanwhile, it assigned only 700 million BD for the previous vital sectors.

The government depends on the funds received by its neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Kuwait to finance education, health and housing projects.

Bahrain faces financial and economic difficulties with the decline in oil prices and continuation of political crisis.

During the opening of the fourth session of the fourth legislative term, Bahraini king called for achieving balance between expenses and revenues.

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