2 Defendants Accused of Training on Use of Weapons at Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison, Revoked of Citizenships

2017-10-05 - 7:51 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court sentenced two defendants to five years in prison and revoked their citizenships for training on firearms and explosives in one of Iran's Revolutionary Guard camps, and acquiring weapons without a license.

The Public Prosecution accused the first suspect of training on the use of weapons and explosives in a one of Iran's Revolutionary Guard camps, aiming at committing terrorist crimes in Bahrain, and acquiring arms without a license from the Minister of Interior, for a terrorist aim.

The prosecution accused the second suspect of dealing with the first one through inciting, agreeing and helping him commit the crime. The second convict helped the first defendant travel to Iran and was also involved in inciting him.


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