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US Secretary of Defence will Take Part in Manama Dialogue to be Held in December

2017-10-04 - 5:41 p

Bahrain Mirror: The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) said that the US secretary of defense James Mattis will take part in the Manama Dialogue that one of its main sessions was specified to discuss the role of US policy in the stability of the Middle East region.

Bahrain hosts the 13th IISS Manama Dialogue from 8-10 December. The dialogue will tackle several issues including creating a stable regional security architecture and security partnerships in the region.

The conference is to hold 4 closed sessions discussing the prospects for conflict resolution in Syria and Yemen, defence cooperation and modernization in the Gulf, international campaign against terrorism and the security imperative of economic reform.

Manama Dialogue will conclude its sessions by reviewing the international politics of Middle East security.

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