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Hezbollah SG in Ashura Speech: The World Needs to be Reminded of Wise, Oppressed Leader; Sheikh Isa Qassim

2017-10-01 - 10:27 p

Bahrain Mirror: Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah confirmed that the Arab and Islamic world bear responsibility of the oppression that the people of Bahrain are subjected to, at a time when Manama opens the door for normalizations with the Zionists.

In the speech he delivered at the end of the Ashura procession in the Beirut Southern Suburb, Sayed Nasrallah said that "On the tenth day of Moharram, we need to remind the world of the oppressed people, who is living in a big prison in Bahrain, where the minimum rights are confiscated, scholars, leaders, youth, and women are imprisoned, and peaceful expression of opinion and demands are denied."

"We need to remind the world of a wise, brave, and oppressed leader, who is under siege with his family; Sheikh Isa Qassim," he confirmed.

On another note, Hezbollah's Secretary General appalled the recent approach for closer ties between the Bahraini regime and Israel.

"At the time when Bahrain closes the door in the face of the noble Bahraini clerics and its brave youth, it opens the door for normalization with the Zionists, and receives them with joy and dances," Sayed Nasrallah asserted.

In a tough address, Hezbollah Secretary General stressed that "the king who sees the guarantee of his throne in the enemy of his nation and in submitting to it, rather than reconciling with his people" shall fail.

Sayed Nasrallah held accountable the Arab world for what is being poured on the Bahraini people, confirmed that "the world, and the Arab and Islamic world, need to bear responsible of this oppressed people."

Moreover, Sayed Nasrallah reiterated his denouncement to the US-Saudi-led war on Yemen and its people. He also denounced the daily massacres "committed by the Saudi air force against Yemenis in their houses, markets, cities and towns."

"We reiterate our call for this unjust war to end, in which the Saudi rulers will not be able to achieve any of their goals in the face of the Yemenis' resilience and bravery," he said, stressed that the "Yemeni people are resilient to remain firm in their sacrifices towards victory."

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