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Eulogy Citers Abdulamir Al-Biladi Arrested, Ali Hammadi Summoned

2017-09-30 - 9:42 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini authorities arrested at the early hours of Saturday (September 30, 2017) eulogy citer Abdulamir Al-Biladi after finishing mourning processions in the capital, Manama.

Activists said that Al-Biladi was directly arrested after finishing mourning processions in Manama and was detained in Bab Al-Bahrain police station. He was later transferred to Houra police station. Activists claim that his arrest came after he prayed for the release of detained eulogy citer Mahdi Sahwan.

In the same context, the security authorities summoned on Friday (September 29, 2017) citer Ali Hammadi to "immediately" attend at the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science in Hamad Town police station at Roundabout 17.

This campaign comes among wide security one launched by the authorities against the Shia majority in the country.

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