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Bahraini FM: Iranian President's Speech Unacceptable

2017-09-22 - 9:16 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini Foreign Minister Khalid Al-Khalifa criticized Iranian President Sheikh Hassan Rouhani's address delivered at the UN General Assembly, stating that what Rouhani said about Bahrain was unacceptable and would see a response.

The Bahraini FM stressed in an interview with Sky News Arabia that Tehran must stop interfering in the affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain and neighboring countries, noting that "the effects of Iranian interventions exist in Bahrain and the quantity of explosives seized in the Kingdom and coming from Iran confirms this," also pointing out that they are "wreaking havoc in the region."

"We do not reject dialogue with Iran," he further stated; however, setting three basic conditions for any dialogue with Iran, i.e. if "Tehran stops what is known as exporting rebellion, put an end to its sectarian hegemony and not deem every Shiite a follower of the Wilayat al-Faqih, and stop interfering in the affairs of our countries."

"Otherwise, our defenses are ready and our security is alert to everything that comes to us from Iran," the Bahraini minister pointed out.


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