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Over 30,000 Bahraini Women Work in Private Sector

General Authority of Social Insurance
General Authority of Social Insurance

2017-09-16 - 2:27 am

Bahrain Mirror: The number of Bahraini women working in the private sector reached 30,284, official statistics revealed. The jobs these women occupy are divided into 10 categories, including finance and accounting, education, construction and contracting, transport and services, IT, healthcare, law, production and manufacturing, security guard service, and sales.

According to statistics issued by the General Authority for Social Insurance, 4,030 Bahraini women work as vendors, i.e. 13.3%, while the total number of female employees in the finance and accounting professions reached 3,927.

The number of female employees in the education sector reached 2,116, 1202 of which work as teachers. The number of female employees in the construction and contracting sector amounted to 2019, and in the transport and services sector reached 952.

Statistics also showed that 766 Bahraini women work in the information technology sector, 586 work in the healthcare sector, 396 in law, 375 in manufacturing and production, and 375 in security guard and security services.

According to the figures, 221 female Bahrainis work in the restaurant and hotel sector, and 214 others in beauty salons and laundry services.
The figures further indicated that 2,352 female Bahrainis work as administrative clerks, while 1831 work as secretaries.


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