Appeal of Accused in Policeman Murder Case in Karbabad Adjourned until October 9 for Pleading

2017-09-16 - 1:33 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Sixth High Criminal Court of Appeals adjourned the appeal of 10 out of 13 accused of the murder of a police officer in the Karbabad region, the rest of the accused of the attempted murder of two other policemen who were riding the same vehicle that was burned in the incident, and two others sentenced to death, until October 9, 2017 for observation and pleading by the appellants attorneys.

A Court of First Instance had convicted the defendants of establishing and joining a terrorist group, murder and attempted murder among other charges. The court sentenced the second and third defendants to death, three others to to life imprisonment and another three to 10 years' imprisonment.

The Court also sentenced one defendant to 7 years in prison, another to 5 years, and two other defendants to 3 years' imprisonment.

The Court further ordered that the first 8 and the 13th defendants be stripped of their Bahraini nationalities, in addition to ordering the first 7 defendants to collectively pay 25,416.5 dinars (25,416 dinars and 500 fils) for compensation for the damage in the police patrol vehicle, and an additional 3,300 dinar amount for truck damages, as well as the confiscation of seized items.

The Court acquitted the ninth defendant of the charges raised against him, on the grounds that the prosecution's indictment did not contain sufficient evidence to convict the defendant, as the two sentenced to death confessed before the court that they had met with the ninth defendant after they committed the crime and asked him to keep the two defendants' mobile phones used in the incident without informing him about the incident.

The Court explained that the one acquitted of the charges denied having knowledge of the incident at the time, but was later informed of it by coincidence, and did not know the perpetrators, thus indicating the lack of evidence to convict him.


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