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Security Measures Tightened in Dry Dock Prison as Prisoners Continue Hunger Strike

Dry Dock Prison
Dry Dock Prison

2017-09-12 - 2:23 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Families of a number prisoners held at Dry Dock Prison reported that inmates have been suffering more harassment by the security authorities, as they continue their hunger strike in protest of the deterioration of prison conditions.

The families stressed that the authorities refused the access of money for prisoners in a new measure aimed at increasing the pressure on prisoners, adding that the authorities also began, for the first time, monitoring family visits, which has not taken place before.

Dry-dock detainees demand that their health and food needs be provided in the prison cafeteria, where there is nothing to benefit from. They also demand putting an end to the degrading ill-treatment they are subjected to, especially by the Pakistani police.

Prisoners also call for finding a solution for the overcrowding in cells, as every prison cell comprises 11 beds yet holds 18 prisoners, forcing a large number of inmates to sleep on the ground.

Dry Dock prisoners also demand that they be allowed to practice their religious rites freely, as they have great concerns about preventing religious rituals, especially since the month of Muharram is approaching. They also call for removing the glass barriers between them and their families during visits. Their demands also include allowing them access to the outside yard, which they are permitted to use only for one hour a day.

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