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Al-Salmaniya ER Received over 71000 Patients and Follow-up Patients within 3 Months

2017-09-10 - 10:18 p

Bahrain Mirror: An official statistics revealed that the Accidents and Emergency Department in Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex received more than 71000 patients and follow-up patients within 3 months (May, June and July) in 2017.

The statistics indicated that 38.5 thousand male patients reviewed the emergency department while female patients reached 33.8 thousand.

Accidents and Emergency Department in Al-Salmaniya is usually crowded with patients who are obliged to remain in the emergency department for long hours until being transferred to a room.

For their part, a number of patients confirmed that shortage of doctors has resulted in increasing chaos and delayed and slow health services in the emergency department, which made some patients leave the hospital after waiting for long hours without treatment or medical examination.

They emphasized that the lack of appropriate and adequate number of doctors in the emergency department affects the quality of provided treatment services negatively, because this puts the doctor under pressure and distracts his thoughts, so that the patient does not receive his right to medical consultation and treatment.

Assistant Undersecretary for Hospital Affairs Waleed Al-Manea had already stressed that a number of people working in the emergency department in Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex submitted their resignations during the past months, indicating that the complex hired some doctors to work part-time in order to cover the shortage. He explained that there are efforts between the health ministry and civil service bureau to employ consultants and specialists in the emergency department, however, this is difficult now due to budget and nature of work.

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