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No News Reported about 3 Citizens Arrested Today at Dawn

2017-09-06 - 9:42 p

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive:  The Bahraini security authorities continued on Wednesday (September 6, 2017) their campaign against citizens and activists and arrested 3 citizens, without mentioning the reasons behind the arrest.

Activists said that forces affiliated to the Ministry of Interior arrested each of "Houd Jaafar Kadhem Ibrahim and Ayman Habib Abdulaziz" from Damistan and transferred them to Hamad Town police station at Roundabout 17. No news was reported about them since then.

On a similar note, the security forces arrested youth Mahdi Al-Asafira from Sanabis village, through the King Fahd Causeway, during his return from Iraq, and took him to unknown place.

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