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Appeal of Bahraini Accused of Insulting Judiciary Adjourned until October 9 for Pleading

2017-08-15 - 8:36 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Criminal Court, headed by Judge Salah Al-Qattan with the secretariat of Abdullah Mohammed, decided to adjourn the appeal of a defendant's three-year prison sentence to October 9, 2017 for pleading. The defendant was convicted of insulting the judiciary by publishing audio recordings on social media sites in which he use offensive language against a judge.

The Public Prosecutor's Office charged the accused (57 years old) that in 2016 and 2017 he had publicly insulted the judicial authority by publishing audio and video recordings containing offensive statements and remarks on social media.

The person responsible for the recordings was summoned and the prosecution confronted him with the recordings. He confessed that it was his voice and that he had recorded it, posted it with other clips on YouTube and then sent it via WhatsApp. He did so after being convicted in five lawsuits, some of which involved financial claims, and others related to rent claims of department stores owned by him. He appealed these cases but the appeals were refused since they were filed after the due date. The recordings included inappropriate words and statements addressed at a judge, who was mentioned by the accused by name.

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