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Lebanon’s Hezbollah Denies Allegations of Cells Affiliated to the Party in Kuwait

2017-08-06 - 7:15 am

Bahrain Mirror: Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah denied the existence of any cells affiliated to Hezbollah in Kuwait, which in July lodged a formal protest with the Lebanese authorities, accusing the party of training and arming 21 people.

"We do not have cells in Kuwait and we do not want anything that harms relations with them," said Sayed Nasrallah in a televised speech on Al-Manar TV.

"Hezbollah did not form cells in Kuwait and it has no cells, no individuals, no formations," he stressed. "Lebanon is keen on the best relations between the two countries and the two peoples."

He further stated that Hezbollah does not want "any dust or detail that would harm the relationship between the two countries."

Kuwait lodged a formal protest last month with Lebanon accusing Hezbollah of training 21 people convicted of forming a "terrorist cell" in what is known as the "Abdali cell" on its territory.

On July 22, Kuwait's Ambassador to Lebanon Abdel-Al Al-Qenaei said that the protest memorandum included the Lebanese government's call for adequate measures to deter such practices by Hezbollah as a component of the Lebanese government.

"The claims that we have sent weapons to Kuwait is not true or that we bought weapons and gave it to someone is not true," said Nasrallah addressing Kuwaiti officials. "We only want security and safety in Kuwait and all the allegations made are political."

He further highlighted that Hezbollah is "ready to discuss any confusion through diplomatic or official channels." adding that "the big bet is on the wisdom of His Highness Emir of Kuwait in addressing this issue."

Kuwait's Salafist MP Walid Al-Tabtabaei submitted a bill to the Kuwaiti Parliament two weeks ago to criminalize Hezbollah and classify it as a "terrorist organization." The bill includes issuing sentences up to 20 years in prison against supporters of the Lebanese Shiite party.

Last month, Kuwait expelled 15 Iranian diplomats nearly a month after the court of cassation confirmed the same cell members were convicted of "communicating" with Tehran.

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