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Security Authorities Inform Sheikh Abdullah Al-Daqaq’s Wife She’s been Stripped of her Nationality & Expel her from Country

2017-07-22 - 8:43 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The security authorities in Bahrain informed Shiite opposition cleric Sheikh Abdullah Al-Daqaq's wife that her nationality has been revoked and deported her from the country hours after her arrival in Bahrain, according to information from human rights organizations.

Sheikh Al-Daqaqs wife was interrogated twice since arriving in the country Wednesday night and refused the authorities' request to spy on her husband.

The sources indicated that she had arrived in Bahrain on Wednesday night (July 19, 2017) from Tehran at around 6 pm. She stayed at the airport and was interrogated until 10:20 pm by the intelligence services, who asked her to cooperate and spy on her husband Al-Daqaq, and then released her, so she headed to her father's house.

On Thursday, the National Security Service summoned her again to appear at the security authorities' compound in Muharraq. According to the sources, she was interrogated from 1:25 pm to 4:30 pm, and then kept there until 6:00 pm. When they did not receive any cooperation and did not get what they wanted, they took her to the airport and kept her there until after 10 pm. A security officer later came and told her, "I came to pass you a message that your nationality has been revoked as your husband's, and you are banned from returning to Bahrain. The airplane will fly you to Dubai and then to Iran's Mashhad."

Sheikh Al-Daqaq's wife arrived in the city of Mashhad at 11 am on Friday (July 21, 2017) via Emirates Airlines.

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