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Congestion in Al-Salmaniya Emergency Department Sunday, 60 Patients without Beds

2017-07-18 - 9:48 p

Bahrain Mirror: A Local newspaper reported that accident and emergency department in Al-Salmaniya medical complex was crowded with patients on Sunday (July 16, 2017) and that more than 60 patients were in the emergency department waiting for beds in order to be transferred to medical departments.

A citizen said that his father couldn't have a bed and remained on the ambulance stretcher in the middle of one the rooms in the emergency department, Al-Ayam newspaper reported. The citizen added that blood was withdrawn from his father and he was transferred to the x-ray, however, he remained on the stretcher in the middle of the room.

One of the doctors in the emergency department stressed that due to patients overcrowding and lack of beds, the waiting period needed to treat them increased. He indicated that some patients are waiting on emergency beds since days.

He went on to say that there is no more privacy to the patients in the emergency department. The lack of place and number of beds doesn't allow the hospital to embrace this large number of patients received by the emergency department everyday as well as those transferred from private hospitals.

Another doctor said that there are about 108 beds in the emergency department, 8 of them for resuscitation and 26 for children, explaining that accident and emergency department receives 1000-1200 patients daily and 120 patients are admitted daily to different medical departments. He also said that the hospital can embrace about 1100 beds.

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