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Unified Family Law Includes Clauses Conflicting with Jaafari Jurisprudence

2017-07-11 - 8:26 p

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini Member of Parliament confirmed that the Unified Family Law, which the government referred to the Parliament, includes clauses that conflict with the Jaafari doctrine. He indicated that the government omitted some articles that are compatible with the Jaafari Jurisprudence.

The MP Majed Al-Majed indicated that the Minister of Justice said the ministry did not make any change in the copy it adopted and referred to the parliament.

Moreover, he noted, "The Minister considered that these Article paragraphs are procedural and simple and do not prejudice the substance of the law, but I see that the paragraphs are essential."

"Another example of a text approved by the Legislative Committee stipulating that a true marriage is divided, based on the Jaafari Jurisprudence, into permanent and discontinued. The discontinued marriage has its own provisions. The Ministry of Justice however, canceled this paragraph in its draft law copy referred to the parliament," he further added.

Al-Majed dismissed himself during the noon prayer break during the meeting between the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee and the Minister of Justice.

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