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Electricity & Water Authority Denies Raising Costs, Says It’s Printed on Bills

2017-07-10 - 9:48 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Electricity & Water Authority denied on Sunday (July 9, 2017) raising the cost on electricity and water for Bahraini users, noting that the cost is printed on the back of electricity and water bills for years.

On its official Instagram account, the authority said, "The Authority would like to clarify to its user that the electricity and water use for the Single-Account Bahraini Category was not subject to change, and it remains as stipulated by Ministerial decision No. 1 of 2016, pertinent to the cost of electricity and water consumption. The Electricity and water cost for the house consumption category for Bahrainis of single-account remains the same and did not change."

It further noted that what was circulated on social media network was in response to the Parliament during the discussion of the state general budget, and cost of production, transfer, and distribution of electricity and water units, and not the cost of its consumption by users.

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