Video: US Official Mocks Bahrain FM, Stresses “Muslim Brotherhood” Supporter of Gov’t against Shiite Majority

2017-07-07 - 3:48 am

Bahrain Mirror: Former US Assistant Secretary of State Tom Malinowski mocked the Bahraini Foreign Minister Khalid Al Khalifa, who said yesterday in Cairo that Bahrain will punish any side that will express sympathy to the Muslim Brotherhood affiliation.

In an interview on Al-Jazeera, Malinowski said, "I think it's somewhat funny when my friend Sheikh Khalid the Foreign Minister of Bahrain, described the brotherhood as such, while he knows and we know, that the Muslim Brotherhood in Bahrain, their followers, are members in the Parliament."

He added that the Muslim Brotherhood in Bahrain are among the strong supporters of the Bahraini government against the Shiite majority in the country. The former US Assistant Secretary of State further noted that this is one of the sides that shows the complexity of this matter.

"We see this in the United States, we are not fooled or deceived but such allegations," Malinowski further added.

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