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Bahrain Parliament Legislative Committee Approves 5-Year Construction Deadline for GCC Land Owners

2017-07-04 - 4:55 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee at the Council of Representatives in Bahrain approved a proposed law in its amended form, concerning adding a new article to the Decree Law No. (40) of 1999. The law states the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizens' ownership of lands and premises in Bahrain. The proposed article, presented by MP Isa Turki, states that if the property is a land, then the limit to complete any building project on it should be within 5 years of registering the land in the non-Bahraini owner.

In case there were serious reasons for any delay, reasons would be presented to the court, which would study the situation and decide upon it, or else the High Civil Court has the right to sell the land in auction, then compensate the owner with its piece. The price of the land should not be less in auction than it was at the time of purchase.

The non-Bahraini owner has no right to dispose of the land until after completion of its construction, or six years after its registration in his name.

On its part, the government noted its objection to the proposal, saying that it does not fall in Bahrain's favor, and might adversely affect investment.

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