Amid Gulf-Qatar Row, Tweeters Repost Video for Bahraini MP Chanting ISIS Slogans

2017-07-03 - 3:21 p

Bahrain Mirror: A footage showed Deputy Speaker of the Council of Representatives Abdulhalim Murad and leader in the Salafist Al-Asalah society that has close ties with the Manama authorities chanting ISIS slogans threatening to kill Shia.

The video that shows a protest held outside the United Nations building in Manama on (June 10, 2013) in the presence of the former MPs Jassim Al-Saeedi (Salafist) and Mohammad Khalid (Muslim Brotherhood) displayed MP Murad saying "By Him in Whose Hand Muhammad's soul is, we came to slaughter to you, servants of Magi, servants of fire," in reference to Shia.

ISIS members usually use these expressions when they execute field operations against their opponents in the regions that ISIS control as shown in many of their videos regularly published on the Internet.

Although the video dates back to 2013, tweeters on the social media outlets recirculated it in the framework of the media dispute between the Gulf States and Qatar, as Bahrain accuses Qatar of supporting terrorism.

MP Murad and his colleague in Al-Asalah society Faisal Al-Ghurair, the judge in the Supreme Sunni Court, supervised "Equipping Ghazi (militant)" campaign that aimed at preparing Bahraini and foreign fighters to fight in the terrorist group regions in Syria and Iraq. Their campaign that was organized between 2011 and 2014 kept on publicly working in 6 Bahraini mosques.

Murad had already said on his own Twitter account that he "prepared 1640 fighters in 4 months to fight in Syria".

The authorities turned blind eye to this campaign. They did not held accountable or question any of those responsible for it.

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