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3 Weeks after Gulf Crisis, Salafist Al-Asalah Supports Decision to Cut Ties with Qatar

2017-07-03 - 12:58 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Salafist Al-Asalah Society expressed support to the decision taken by Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates to sever ties with Qatar. The society said that it understands the reasons being closing the air, land and sea borders with Qatar after long years of the media policies that threaten the security and stability of the GCC states and glorify the dispute and incitement of people as well as lack of Qatar commitment to the agreement it signed in 2014.

The statement issued about 3 weeks after the Gulf crisis with Qatar said that it praises "the wise leadership in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and their keenness to maintain the security and safety of GCC states and people, including brotherly people of Qatar." Al-Asalah further stated that strength lies in union, rather than disunity.

The society hailed "the stance of the Saudi Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al-Sheik and his confirmation that the boycott decision is a procedural order in the interest of Muslim and future of Qataris". It also warned of the "serious military rapprochement with Iran; the number one enemy of the GCC countries, as a serious military agreement was signed putting legitimate grounds for the revolutionary guard forces entrance to the territories of one of the GCC countries. The agreement introduced to the visit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard troops to a military base in Qatar."

The Salafist Al-Asalah Society concluded its statement by calling on Qatar to respond to its brotherly countries because they are their sanctuary after the almighty God. It also urged the GCC members to understand that their peace and security lies in unity and rapprochement and respect for each other.

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