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8 Months on his Arrest, Sayed Alawi not Allowed to Meet his Family or Lawyer

2017-06-28 - 6:46 p

Bahrain Mirror:  Family of detainee Sayed Alawi Sayed Hussein expressed deep concerns over his health and wellbeing following 8 months of arrest, without being allowed to meet his family or lawyer.

The family stressed in a statement on Monday (June 26, 2017) that they have no information about his place of detention since his arrest on October 24, 2016. They indicated that "many of our demands to visit Sayed Alawi were rejected. We approached the Public Prosecution, Terror Prosecution, investigations office in the Ministry of Justice, National Institution for Human Rights, Ombudsman and Special Investigation Unit to visit him, but in vain."

They indicated that Sayed Alawi called them on February 28, 2017, i.e. 4 months ago, noting that they couldn't reassure on him. It is to mention that Sayed Alawi has called his family only 3 times since his arrest. The family went on to say that "since he was kidnapped, neither his lawyer nor his family could know the charges he is being punished over."

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