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Bahrain Commutes Sentences against Defendants Convicted of Joining ISIS

2017-06-19 - 6:08 am

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahrain Court of Appeal (June 18, 2017) commuted prison sentences of 8 defendants accused of establishing a branch of the terrorist Islamic State (ISIS) organization in Bahrain.
The High Court of Appeal upheld the decision to revoke the nationalities of the 8 convicts who had joined ISIS, reducing the prison sentences from 15 years to 8.

Among the defendants whose sentences were commuted were Abdullah Al-Binali, the second defendant in the case of the brother of the ISIS religious theorist Turki Al-Binali, who assured the court that he is proud of joining the organization.
The terrorist group had plotted to blow up the A'ali Mosque and  target Shiite gatherings.

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